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Found 1 result

  1. Dear members of our community, With this post, I would like to announce the initial release date for our server. This being the 1st of December. As I am typing this our team is working hard on new features. Some of them being: Stock trading system Stocks can be bought from companies set-up by real players in-game, yet there will also be some fictional companies. Stocks will go up and down in value depending on the company's in-game condition, more on this soon. Chamber of commerce system (To register companies) Realistic economy Illegal high calibre weapon import option (more on this soon) These are features that will make our community unique and we hope to divide ourselves from mainstream life communities. Another decision we've made is that we will not allow any armoured vehicle on our server, the reason being they are too overpowered and create an unrealistic roleplay environment. I hope to have informed you a bit more about our progress and ideas. Kind regards, Kasper