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MaldenLife 0.2


This version is an Beta version. It means that it is not yet released but will be released in the near future. Here you get the chance to review the upcoming changes.

Key Changes

This is the new mission file version. We have fixed bugs that our testers reported to us but also added new content. 

Please note that the rebel weapons that have been removed from the store will still require a license to import them through the illegal imports section on the player panel!


  • 2 New ATMs in La Trinite
  • Missing medikit in medic shops
  • Protector (MP5), MX,MX SW & MXM to cop shop
  • Added new police loadout on spawn
  • Malden Square Construction site
  • Air shop & garage on rebel outpost (island)


  • Removed static atm object and replaced with usable
  • La Riviere Dive Store was blocked by objects
  • Le Port car garage was set to 'air' is now properly set to 'car'
  • Cop cars sometimes spawned in the wall. car spawn moved
  • Air store building is now indestructible.
  • Fencing around airfield
  • Cop shop NPC clothing
  • Rebel store garage type


  • Removed Rahim 7.62 mm from rebel store (will have to be imported)
  • Removed AK-12 7.62 from rebel store (will have to be imported)
  • Removed AKM 7.62 mm from rebel store (will have to be imported)
  • Police helicopter form civ air shop