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  1. Introduction - Wouter141

    Nice to meet you Wouter! If you encounter any problems don't hesitate to ask! Kind regards Max ( OpperPax )
  2. Introduction - Mako

    Hi Mako! I hope you will enjoy your stay, welcome to our community
  3. Server Rules

    Rules can be changed at any time | Last Updated : 10/06/2017 NOTE: Rules may change a lot because we are in a BETA state! Community Rules 1.1 Common Sense - Use your common sense when playing in this community. 1.2 Trolling - Trolling in teamspeak and/or In-game is prohibited. 1.3 Advertising - Using our Game Servers or Teamspeak Server to advertise another server or community with the intention of drawing players away from MaldenLife will result in a community Ban. This includes trying to advertise MaldenLife on other services, this is not permitted in any way. 1.4 Cheating, Exploiting & Hacking - Using any kind of cheat, script, or hack that gives you any advantage over other players will result in a permanent ban. Some examples of exploits Duplication of items. Duplication of money. Processing, selling or gathering through any wall or roof of any building. Sharing information with rebels while playing as blufor, this includes giving police positions, sharing police information. Going AFK as Police/KMar/Medics or ANWB Roadside Assistance in order to farm paychecks. Using the Vault key or any other server mechanic to walk through a wall, window or closed door, you can however vault past vehicles if they are blocking an entrance. 1.5 Impersonation - Intentionally impersonating another member of the community or group without consent from the player being impersonated is prohibited and will result in a permanent ban. 1.6 Malicious Attacks - Attempting to interrupt any MaldenLife network by use of malicious methods is not tolerated. Those we suspect of engaging in such activities will be permanently banned from our services. We will also contact and send your information to our provider. 1.7 Bullying - We do not tolerate any form of bullying in our community. Those we suspect of engaging in such activities will be permanently banned from our servers. 1.8 Discrimination - We do not tolerate any form of discrimination in our community. Those we suspect of engaging in such activities will be permanently banned from our servers. 1.9 Sharing personal information - We do not allow players to send personal information from an other player to ( external- ) players, this will result in a permanent ban. 1.10 Multiple Accounts - MaldenLife only permits a user to hold one account on any of our services. Those we suspect of engaging in such activities will be permanently banned from our community. MaldenLife Rules ( In-game ) 2.01 VDM - Vehicular Death Match is defined as using your vehicle to run people over, ram other vehicles in or outside of combat, or with the intent to cause an explosion. This is strictly forbidden and will result in a punishment. 2.02 RDM - Random Deathmatch is shooting and/or killing another player without the prior engagement of Roleplay. You must give the other party enough time to comply with your demands. 2.03 Language - Everyone has to speak English on our servers. 2.04 Soft Logging - Logging out of the game and logging back in within 30 minutes to a different location. 2.06 Combat Spawning - If your faction/gang is involved in an active combat situation, you may not spawn within a 2km radius of that situation. 2.07 Microphone - You may not abuse your in-game microphone to annoy others. As well as playing music is forbidden. You need a clear microphone in order to play. 2.08 Combat Storing - Storing money, vehicles or gear while an active RP situation is ongoing for the purpose of preventing the opposition getting their hands on it. If no RP has been declared but you are being followed clearly, you may not store money, gear or vehicles. When being chased by Police you may not do any of these either. Initiations and Roleplay 3.01 Breaking RolePlay - You may not break Roleplay through voice-chat in any way, you must always stay in character when speaking in-game. 3.02 Stream Sniping - Stream sniping is a bannable offense. If you are playing on our server and are watching a stream and use the information you get from that stream is considered as metagaming. 3.03 Metagaming - Metagaming is using any out-of-character knowledge to your advantage in a Roleplay/Combat situation. This is strictly forbidden and will result in a punishment. 3.04 Side channel - The blue side channel chat is used for out of role play communication. You are not allowed to role play within the blue side chat. A good example of this is saying through blue side chat that person X has to drop his weapon or he gets shot at. 3.05 Communications - If you are restrained and your communications have been removed you shall not be active on any other form of communication other than the direct chat In-game. When caught talking in Teamspeak to other players you will be banned. 3.06 Valid RolePlay Reason - Have a good reason for the things you are doing and have a good story to back it up. The story must have some thought put into it. 3.07 Initiation - Initiating on another player and/or gang can only happen through Direct Chat. The person initiation must be visible to those he is initiating on. Police Sirens are not considered to be initiation. You cannot initiate on blufor through the use of the dispatch system, this includes local police and KMar. Using a helicopter to block the path of another helicopter taking off is classed as initiation. When a player is killed and then revived by a medic, that player must re-initiate roleplay before shooting/killing anyone. If you are clearly being VDM’ed intentionally this counts as initiation, you may fire at the driver only. 3.08 Clear Initiation - Your initiation must be very clear on the receiving parties sound, otherwise, it classes as a Failed or Void initiation and any killing of that person(s) and their gang will be classed as RDM. 3.09 Air Vehicle Initiation - To initiate on air vehicles, you must provide it with three (un-suppressed) warning shots. If the vehicle doesn't leave after the 30 seconds you are fully initiated and you can open fire on the air-vehicle. Only people inside of the air vehicle being initiated on are allowed to return fire. If the vehicle leaves and comes back you need to repeat the above situation. 3.10 Initiation Without a Gun - You cannot initiate on anyone, without a firearm equipped and held, otherwise it is classed as fail initiation. 3.11 Gang Initiation - If a gang member is involved in an initiation, initiation is valid for anyone that is clearly with the player who initiated. 3.12 Gang Tag - Gang members must have the gang tag within their name to enable them to join in with gang roleplay. This is to join in with gang roleplay you have to first be inside the gang in question as well as have the appropriate gang tag in your name. 3.13 End of Initiation - After a period of 5 minutes has elapsed without a shot or a re-initiation, or you have lost eyes on the targets for a short period of time you must re-initiate on the player/gang. If you have maintained clear eyes throughout a vehicle chase or foot chase, you do not have to initiate. This does not comply for Air Vehicles. New Life Rule 4.01 NLR ( New Life Rule ) - A new life means that if you died your character has lost all previous memories, events and information leading up to their death. You cannot return to the same situation. You may not come back for any vehicles or gear. You may not return to within 2km of your death. You may not use your knowledge of what happened to influence the new situation. You may not remember what happened in your previous life. You may not remember enemies or random players. You may not return to the place of death for at least 15 minutes. You can remember friends and gang members. 4.02 A new life does not start when You get VDM’ed; Somebody has used a vehicle against you to kill you in the process. You get RDM’ed; You are shot without roleplay by a player. Value of Life 5.01 Value of Life - You should value your life at all times, if someone initiates on you while you are at a clear disadvantage (such as not having cover or not facing the other person with a weapon) you should surrender and comply with their demands. We have a strict policy when it comes to Value of Life, Those we suspect of engaging in such activities will be permanently banned from our community. Zones 6.01 Green zones - Green zones are the main cities (the ones you can spawn in). These zones have the most police activity and are also one of the most strict areas when it comes to laws. Green zones are NO fly zones. Medics and Police are allowed to fly in green zones. You are NOT allowed to kidnap Police officers inside green zones or in their immediate area. This is the place where cops do their main work, and try to get some solid RP on going. You ARE NOT allowed to rob police in these zones. They have to feel "safe" when doing so. You are NOT allowed to take or hold a player hostage inside the greenzones or in their immidiate area. You play as an individual in greenzones, this means that roleplay does not get initiated for you when your friend gets into a fight with the police or any other players. You have to be involved with them yourself and can't just jump into the fight. This does not apply for BLUEFOR, for example if you initate on a cop then any bluefor can shoot you and you can shoot any bluefor in the area. 6.02 Police HQs and Hospitals - Police HQs and Hospitals are considered safe zones and initiation of any kind is forbidden. Combat is also forbidden in Police HQs unless the Police have fled to a safe zone in an active combat situation. Combat is also forbidden in Hospitals unless civilians have fled to a safe zone in an active combat situation. Factions 7.01 Equipment - Distributing Police equipment is forbidden. Police weaponry and equipment may only be handed over in the case of a roleplay scenario or robbery. Abusing the free gear system for police in order to provide players who are not on active police duty is strictly forbidden and will result in a blacklist from ANY Factions 7.02 Clothing - Police, KMar, Medic and ANWB Roadside Assistance clothing may not be given to or worn by civilians. Civilians/rebels may not demand them to drop their uniform, however, they may request for them to drop their vest and hat. 7.03 Rebel activity - Police/KMar/Medics and ANWB Roadside Assistance are NOT allowed to play as a rebel in Game. Doing so will result in a blacklist from the faction. 7.04 Single Officer - If there is only a single officer online they may not be robbed or taken hostage. 7.05 Combat Reviving - This is where an officer or medic revives someone during an active combat situation. This is strictly forbidden, revives may only happen 5 minutes after the last shot was fired or other hostile action occurred. 7.06 Camping - Police and KMar are not permitted to “Camp” rebel areas for any longer than 15 minutes. 7.07 Off-Duty - Police/KMar/Medics and ANWB Roadside Assistance are allowed to play as a civilian In-game, however, they must remove their rank from their name. This is to stop confusion. Housing 8.01 House-ownership - You may not buy more then one hous in the same city. 8.02 Garage-ownership - You may not buy more then one garage in the same city. 8.03 Police/KMar housing - The Police and KMar may not raid a property without reasonable cause. Only an Inspector or above can approve a house raid. Reasonable cause includes: If the property owner is wanted If the property owner is in possession of any items that are considered illegal Suspicious activity in and around the property 8.04 Housing Information - Any information gathered regarding properties when playing as the Police or KMar may not be used outside of playing either faction. This includes passing any information on to anyone outside of either faction. 8.05 Out-Game Information - Robbing someone's property based on information gained from outside of the game is considering metagaming. Teamspeak Rules 9.01 Client Name - You may only use the same name as you have in-game. 9.02 Avatars - Do not use offensive avatars on the Teamspeak. We will automatically remove any offensive material found and may ban you depending on the severity of the image used. 9.03 Music Bots/Voice Changers - These are strictly forbidden in public channels and will result in a Teamspeak ban. You may only use these when in a gang channel or a private channel. Forum Rules 10.01 Forum Name - Do not use any names that could be considered abusive or offensive. As a result your account will be deleted. 10.02 Offensive Material - Do not post anything on the forums if it may be considered offensive to others in the community. 10.03 Appeals/Reports/Compensation Requests - Do not post on any report a players, unban appeals or compensation requests unless requested by a Staff Member or you are involved in the situation. 10.04 Spamming - Spamming forum posts or attempting to bump your posts is not tolerated at all. 10.05 Account - You may only have ONE forum account. MaldenLife Staff/Support Team For an overview of all staff and Support Team members please visit this link. 11.01 Disrespecting Staff/Support - Staff Members are not to be disrespected. When disrespecting a Staff/Support Team member you will be permanently banned from our servers. 11.02 Staff Abuse - If a Staff member is caught abusing his/her power with clear evidence and no clear reasoning please contact @OpperPax. He will deal with the situation. 11.03 Spamming - Messaging Staff members through the use of our Forums and/or TeamSpeak server multiple times will result in a delay in your request. Each member of Staff have their own reasons for not responding the first time so if you do not get a response, be patient and wait your turn.
  4. Hei! Hi I'm Max, also known as Opperpax on the Forums and In-game. I live in the Netherlands, here I do a military study. So I'm often absent because of the bivouacs I have. My ArmA experience started in 2012, I played a lot of ArmA2, DayZ, Realism servers and more! My First real experience with a 'life' server was when I started playing Stratis Life, It was real fun but it was an early, early state of development so it wasn't that great. Later on I created my own ArmA3 Realism unit called 2nd Combat Assault Battalion. It was a great success but I lost the will to lead the unit after more than a year. When I stopped the unit I started playing at Grand Theft Altis at the time, now called Grand Theft Arma. I joined the Altis Life PD and made a big career in the server. Later I wanted some other experience so I joined HAMAS, a rebel gang at the time. I made great friends but after a couple of months it was time for me to move on to the next rebel gang so I joined RED. In my opinion Grand Theft ArmA is the best community I have ever played on. I made lots of friends in the time I played there! From that time I did many other things in ArmA3, since 2013 I have over 2600 hours in ArmA3 and over 3500+ hours in ArmA2. It is an honor to be a part of this new community and I believe we can make something great out of it! If you have any problems or questions pm me!
  5. Introduction - Kasper

    Hi Kasper, nice to meet you