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  1. Police Ranking

    Hi Jacobs jusy a quick reply from my phone. There is already a rank system and unit system set up. There is just no forum topics yet because we are looking for someone to lead the police faction!
  2. Hi there! As some of you who are on our discord might have already seen, we now have a TeamSpeak server! IP: ts.maldenlife.eu / As we are coming closer to our beta release we would like to test all the functions in our server. If you are interested in being a tester please reply to this post or visit our TeamSpeak and message me or Max. Thats all for now!
  3. Hello, As most of you that are on our Discord have noticed, we did not continue development the last month or so. This is mainly because everybody was too busy with their personal lives including me. We will be restarting development this week and we are looking for people to join our team. Same like before we are looking for Texture Artists, Developers, and Moderators for our forum & in game. You can send me a private message on the forum saying what your experience is and how you can help us. We need motivated people who do not lose interest quickly, and are excited to help. We are also inviting people to test our mission file, just reach out to me on TeamSpeak when I am online and I will provide you with the necessary information. As we continue development we would like to get some suggestions (http://maldenlife.eu/forums/forum/28-suggestions/) as to what you would like to see added in our server.
  4. Hi! As most of you might've noticed we haven't posted a development log in a while. This being cause the development team and staff members were busy working on the server. This is why we have a new tester on our team,@BlobMatrix. He will be testing out new features in-game and will eventually be able to answer questions about the server that you have while it is in development. Back to the development... As you can see in the title we are going to postpone our release. This has several reasons which I will list below. I understand this might be frustrating to people who want to start playing As you can see on our Release Notes page we are actually working on a lot of things in the background. Bugs Blob has found some gameplay breaking bugs in the latest version of our mission file which has to be fixed. Unique Functions We are still working on our unique functions/scripts which we would like you guys to have access to right away. We don't want to offer the standard Life server experience a lot of other servers have. Faction Leaders As you can see we don't have a lot of user activity pre-launch. We do not spend much time advertising our server. But we do need people to register on our forums so we can start looking for people who can lead our factions (Police, Medics etc) MyMalden we are still working on the player panel but it is close to being finished this is also part of the unique experience we want to offer. The new aimed release date will be next Friday - December 8th. So as listed above we are looking for people who can lead factions. Experience is a must. If you are interested please contact me (Tim) or Kasper on our TeamSpeak server. We are also looking for staff members: Administrators, Moderators, Developers & Helpers! If you are interested please contact me (Tim) or Kasper on our TeamSpeak server. Sorry again for the delay and the not very long post about it. Back to working on the server now.
  5. Server: Changelog

    We have released a new mission file version. Please view all the changes on the following page: http://maldenlife.eu/release-notes/
  6. Server: Changelog

    In this topic me or another developer will be posting the changes we make in the server. You can discuss the development or give feedback on it in the topic linked below.
  7. 0.2

    This is the new mission file version. We have fixed bugs that our testers reported to us but also added new content. Please note that the rebel weapons that have been removed from the store will still require a license to import them through the illegal imports section on the player panel! Added 2 New ATMs in La Trinite Missing medikit in medic shops Protector (MP5), MX,MX SW & MXM to cop shop Added new police loadout on spawn Malden Square Construction site Air shop & garage on rebel outpost (island) Fixed Removed static atm object and replaced with usable La Riviere Dive Store was blocked by objects Le Port car garage was set to 'air' is now properly set to 'car' Cop cars sometimes spawned in the wall. car spawn moved Air store building is now indestructible. Fencing around airfield Cop shop NPC clothing Rebel store garage type Removed Removed Rahim 7.62 mm from rebel store (will have to be imported) Removed AK-12 7.62 from rebel store (will have to be imported) Removed AKM 7.62 mm from rebel store (will have to be imported) Police helicopter form civ air shop
  8. Hi there! We have some exciting news, we are now an approved server on the Bohemia Interactive Monetization Program server list. Link to the list: https://www.bistudio.com/monetization/approved/arma3 Right now I myself am working hard on a player panel called MyMalden (screenshot below). As I discussed in my earlier topic we will be implementing a business system. We will be starting off by just having it web based (but you will earn in-game money from it). From there on we will roll out the in-game version. It will mobile & web compatible. Right now what you will be able to do through the MyMalden panel is: Some functions will only be accessible when you are not logged in to the server. Inventory (Items) View inventory Transfer to business Sell Delete Business (max 1 business per player) Register a company Hire employees Create ranks with names Set pay for each rank Licensing Buy Licenses Online View your licenses Statistics View your own and others their statistics. If you have any suggestions of functions which you would like to see added to the player panel do not hesitate to let us know in the comments below! Staff Recruitment! We're currently looking into expanding our staff team. Specifically, we're looking for: Developers - http://forum.maldenlife.eu/forms/3-developer-application/ Security Advisor (Server/Networking) http://forum.maldenlife.eu/forms/4-security-advisor-application/ Moderators If you feel like you can help us in any of these positions please check the forms in the navigation bar. In the email please list what your experience is and why you think you would be an addition to our team. Next post sneak peak:
  9. Hi! Me and the other developers have been working on mostly textutes and map design but we've been debating about the server economy. As most of the people reading this will be players who have played life servers before you might know that the economy usually is a little bit messed up. We have currently have it set up like any other life server but we would like your opinion Please vote in the poll! I would like to add that this does not mean it will take you a 100 times longer to get enough money for a new car. But the prices will just be more realistic. This will allow us to create our stock market system more easily since we dont have to have unrealistiv values. Thank you!
  10. Hi There! Forums stuff I would like to start off by saying this is going to be a shorter news post than the last one and it will include stuff about the forum and donation rewards as-well (a little bit of everything)! While we are working on the server we also work on the forum in the mean-while. I have created a release notes page, here you can see what was changed in every update of our server. In the future when the server is opened you will also be able to see upcoming versions which have not yet been released. This way you can prepare on what is coming and give feedback on it before we even release the update! Link to release notes page: http://forum.maldenlife.eu/release-notes/ Server stuff So back to game stuff! We are also working on our Business functionality in-game and on our website. This will mean apart from being able to create a gang you will be able to create an company/business. For the people who want to take the legal (or illegal) way of earning money instead of creating a gang there will be loads of possibilities. (PS: You can be both in a gang and a company at the same time) It will be a quite complicated system with the Chamber of Commerce, stock markets, manufacturing and more! So I will dedicated another development log completely to this topic to go more in-depth about it. I will already tell you that to register a business we will be going to ask for a small donation in order to get donations to keep our services running.
  11. Introduction - Wouter141

    Welcome Wouter
  12. Introduction - Tim

    Hi! I thought it would be good for me to do an introduction to get things started, but Kasper beat me to it . I am Tim, 21 years old living in Quebec, Canada (no I do not speak French/Quebecois). I moved to Canada 28th August 2017 to live & work here because my girlfriend lives here. In the Netherlands I worked in retail (Ahold Delhaize) for almost 6 years and the last 2.5 years I have been in a management position. All my life I had a passion for (web-)development, games and I loved working! I started off making RuneScape & Habbo Hotel private servers when I was young together with some people that lived on my street. I have also studied development (game & web) but did not finish my education because of personal reasons. I have been working for FedEx Ground™ for a week now and also started to work on this server with @OpperPax (Max) and @Kasper a while ago. If you have any questions about me do not hesitate to ask!
  13. Hi! Even though the previous 'log' was posted this morning I could not wait to show you guys this so decided to post it today instead of tomorrow. I will start off by giving you guys an introduction to the island of Malden. The island of Malden will be a part of the Kingdom of The Netherlands. Technically it is a province but it has it's own native language which will be English. Over the years Malden has had some civil wars but it is getting back on it's feet now and the Kingdom of The Netherlands has agreed to subsidize rebuilding parts of the island to improve infrastructure and offer new housing opportunities to Malden its residents. During the rebuild of Malden some extra delivery points will be added to drop off construction materials to all the building sites. Whenever we start reconstruction a city all citizens will be notified, this does mean that at some point roads might be partially or fully closed. This could also mean your favourite grocery store, market, or even gun store might be temporarily moved. Sorry for that inconvenience in advance! Residents of Malden are allowed to enter construction sites to view their future house or suggest new shops in their area of living as long as they wear a hard hat and high visibility jacket, there will be trucks driving back and forth to supply the construction materials so please beware of them! Last but not least, citizens are always free to demonstrate against construction projects or ask for a city to have reconstruction done. You can do so by navigating to the Government forums and going to the "Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment" sub-forums. Feel free to ask any questions by replying below!
  14. Introduction - Kasper

    hi Kasper
  15. Welcome to our new forums, as most of the people who read this might know we are still developing the server. This also means our forum is going to change appearance wise as well. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear them!
  16. Discuss our development changes here.
  17. Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation