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Introduction - Max ( OpperPax )

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Hi I'm Max, also known as Opperpax on the Forums and In-game. I live in the Netherlands, here I do a military study. So I'm often absent because of the bivouacs I have.

My ArmA experience started in 2012, I played a lot of ArmA2, DayZ, Realism servers and more! 
My First real experience with a 'life' server was when I started playing Stratis Life, It was real fun but it was an early, early state of development so it wasn't that great.
Later on I created my own ArmA3 Realism unit called 2nd Combat Assault Battalion. It was a great success but I lost the will to lead the unit after more than a year.
When I stopped the unit I started playing at Grand Theft Altis at the time, now called Grand Theft Arma. 

I joined the Altis Life PD and made a big career in the server. Later I wanted some other experience so I joined HAMAS, a rebel gang at the time. 
I made great friends but after a couple of months it was time for me to move on to the next rebel gang so I joined RED. In my opinion 
Grand Theft ArmA is the best community I have ever played on. I made lots of friends in the time I played there!

From that time I did many other things in ArmA3, since 2013 I have over 2600 hours in ArmA3 and over 3500+ hours in ArmA2.
It is an honor to be a part of this new community and I believe we can make something great out of it! 

If you have any problems or questions pm me!

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Hi Max,

Nice to meet you and welcome to our community.

Make sure to keep up to date with the project's progress by reading the changelogs and by joining our discord.

Enjoy your stay!

Kind regards,


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