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Application - Jacobs

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Hello there. Since the police form didn't allow me to edit my post, I will do this myself. I want to show that I am dedicated by doing so.

My name is Larry Jacobs (In game). I am Belgian, and I'm 16 years old.

Why do I want to become a police officer on this server? Well, I'm gonna be really honest with you, and tell you straight away that I haven't even played on the server nor have I connected to the teamspeak, however. I want to make part of the police department, because I've been looking through the forums a bit, and I think that this can grow really big. I want to guide the police a bit; I have no experience as staff on any server, no experience as a dev, no experience as a medic, but as a police officer... I currently am Police Constable on a server (I won't give that up, but I xill priotize this server if accepted), and I have been Chief Constable on another server which has sadly shut down. That is another reason why I want to join. I have been looking for a new server where I can apply my experience. On to the next chapter.

What can I offer the Police Force? Well, quite a lot, if I'm gonna be honest. As stated previously, I have experience as a Chief Constable (Head of Police or whatever you'd like to call it), and I'd like to bring that experience to this community. I believe I am able to lead a police force as a whole, I have experience going undercover, and my roleplay is at least decent. I'd understand it though if I'd have to start as a normal Police Constable or something, but I'd love to work myself up to higher ranks.

Do you have Teamspeak? Yes I do. I will join it tomorrow so that we can have a nice conversation, if possible.


Larry Jacobs

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