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Development Log #03 - A little bit of everything

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Hi There!

Forums stuff

I would like to start off by saying this is going to be a shorter news post than the last one and it will include stuff about the forum and donation rewards as-well (a little bit of everything)!

While we are working on the server we also work on the forum in the mean-while. I have created a release notes page, here you can see what was changed in every update of our server.
In the future when the server is opened you will also be able to see upcoming versions which have not yet been released. This way you can prepare on what is coming and give feedback on it before we even release the update!

Link to release notes page: http://forum.maldenlife.eu/release-notes/

Server stuff

So back to game stuff! We are also working on our Business functionality in-game and on our website. This will mean apart from being able to create a gang you will be able to create an company/business. For the people who want to take the legal (or illegal) way of earning money instead of creating a gang there will be loads of possibilities. (PS: You can be both in a gang and a company at the same time)
It will be a quite complicated system with the Chamber of Commerce, stock markets, manufacturing and more! So I will dedicated another development log completely to this topic to go more in-depth about it. I will already tell you that to register a business we will be going to ask for a small donation in order to get donations to keep our services running. 


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