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    Release Delayed.. - Looking for Staff & Faction Leaders

    By Tim,


    As most of you might've noticed we haven't posted a development log in a while. This being cause the development team and staff members were busy working on the server. This is why we have a new tester on our team,@BlobMatrix. He will be testing out new features in-game and will eventually be able to answer questions about the server that you have while it is in development.

    Back to the development... 

    As you can see in the title we are going to postpone our release. This has several reasons which I will list below. I understand this might be frustrating to people who want to start playing :) As you can see on our Release Notes page we are actually working on a lot of things in the background.

    1. Bugs Blob has found some gameplay breaking bugs in the latest version of our mission file which has to be fixed.
    2. Unique Functions We are still working on our unique functions/scripts which we would like you guys to have access to right away. We don't want to offer the standard Life server experience a lot of other servers have.
    3. Faction Leaders As you can see we don't have a lot of user activity pre-launch. We do not spend much time advertising our server. But we do need people to register on our forums so we can start looking for people who can lead our factions (Police, Medics etc)
    4. MyMalden we are still working on the player panel but it is close to being finished this is also part of the unique experience we want to offer.

    The new aimed release date will be next Friday - December 8th.

    So as listed above we are looking for people who can lead factions. Experience is a must. If you are interested please contact me (Tim) or Kasper on our TeamSpeak server. We are also looking for staff members: Administrators, Moderators, Developers & Helpers! If you are interested please contact me (Tim) or Kasper on our TeamSpeak server.

    Sorry again for the delay and the not very long post about it. Back to working on the server now. ;)

    Release Date & New Content

    By Kasper,

    Dear members of our community,

    With this post, I would like to announce the initial release date for our server.
    This being the 1st of December.

    As I am typing this our team is working hard on new features.
    Some of them being:

    • Stock trading system
      Stocks can be bought from companies set-up by real players in-game, yet there will also be some fictional companies.
      Stocks will go up and down in value depending on the company's in-game condition, more on this soon.
    • Chamber of commerce system (To register companies)
    • Realistic economy
    • Illegal high calibre weapon import option (more on this soon)

    These are features that will make our community unique and we hope to divide ourselves from mainstream life communities.
    Another decision we've made is that we will not allow any armoured vehicle on our server, the reason being they are too overpowered and create an unrealistic roleplay environment.

    I hope to have informed you a bit more about our progress and ideas.

    Kind regards,


    We have a TeamSpeak & we're looking for beta testers!

    By Tim,

    Hi there!

    As some of you who are on our discord might have already seen, we now have a TeamSpeak server! 

    IP: ts.maldenlife.eu /

    As we are coming closer to our beta release we would like to test all the functions in our server. If you are interested in being a tester please reply to this post or visit our TeamSpeak and message me or Max.

    Thats all for now!


    Development Log #04 - Some exciting news & we're looking for developers!

    By Tim,

    Hi there!

    We have some exciting news, we are now an approved server on the Bohemia Interactive Monetization Program server list.
    Link to the list: https://www.bistudio.com/monetization/approved/arma3

    Right now I myself am working hard on a player panel called MyMalden (screenshot below). As I discussed in my earlier topic we will be implementing a business system. We will be starting off by just having it web based (but you will earn in-game money from it). From there on we will roll out the in-game version. It will mobile & web compatible.

    8UViQ1aKSU_Xb_SNdJftWg.pngRight now what you will be able to do through the MyMalden panel is:

    Some functions will only be accessible when you are not logged in to the server.

    • Inventory (Items)
      • View inventory
      • Transfer to business
      • Sell
      • Delete
    • Business (max 1 business per player)
      • Register a company
      • Hire employees
      • Create ranks with names
      • Set pay for each rank
    • Licensing
      • Buy Licenses Online
      • View your licenses
    • Statistics
      • View your own and others their statistics.

    If you have any suggestions of functions which you would like to see added to the player panel do not hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

    Staff Recruitment!

    We're currently looking into expanding our staff team. Specifically, we're looking for:

    If you feel like you can help us in any of these positions please check the forms in the navigation bar. In the email please list what your experience is and why you think you would be an addition to our team.

    Next post sneak peak: